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No matter how strong a person manages to be, there is no success when you are not able to add others to what you do. In this dynamic there is a principle: 

Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and a house divided against itself falls. 

Luke 11:17B 

If you want to be more efficient you must integrate others to the ideas, to the construction of sustained development, to education in your area of influence, adding means inviting others to participate in what helps you to be a better person, a more integral believer with a Biblical philosophy. Invite others to participate as a 4x4 leader starting from the "Vision Revolution" Collaborate with helping others to experience the blessing of this knowledge to improve life, family, business, employment from a worldview from Intelligent Design "

Image by Kate Kalvach



Growth Groups: Growth occurs in groups, not in rows, the greatest equipment is achieved when you are intentional about meeting others and growing 


POS skills

Skills for life: The most successful way to advance in the development of skills is through constant practice, when you discipline yourself in what you want to achieve.

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Image by Olivia Snow


Spiritual abilities 

When you take God seriously and develop prayer, meditation on the scriptures, fasting, piety, fellowship, meeting frequently in a church, making small groups, life improves significantly. 


Ministerial Skills

Paul did his ministry in different forms and ways that helped and contributed to the development and advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven, while the church grew and became stronger. As Christians we can carry the ministry together with business in the way that Paul did so as not to be a burden to the churches, my conviction is to bless the Kingdom of Heaven with Business and at the same time do mission, I invite you to live by faith from business and maximize opportunities to be relevant to your church and nation.

Image by Austin Distel
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